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Scooter rims and tires

Discover the Unparalleled Choice of Michelin Scooter Tires and Rims for Your Piaggio Zip and Vespa Sprint!

Are you the proud owner of a Piaggio Zip or a dynamic Vespa Sprint scooter? Then we have exciting news you won't want to miss! Michelin, the leading brand in the tire industry, has designed high-quality scooter tires and rims especially for you that perfectly match the needs of your beloved Piaggio Zip and Vespa Sprint. Read on to discover why our Michelin products are the only right choice for an enhanced and impressive driving experience.

Why should you choose our Michelin scooter tires and rims? We have plenty of reasons why they are an essential investment:

  1. Optimal Performance: Michelin is known for its innovative technologies and uncompromising quality. Our Michelin scooter tires are specially designed for excellent grip, stability and durability. This means you can enjoy a smooth and safe ride on your Piaggio Zip and Vespa Sprint, regardless of road conditions.
  2. A Stylish Statement: In addition to their excellent performance, our Michelin rims also add a touch of personality to your scooter. With various designs and finishes, you can give your Piaggio Zip and Vespa Sprint a unique look that you won't find anywhere else.
  3. Long-lasting Reliability: Michelin guarantees durability and reliability. Our Michelin products are manufactured to the highest quality standards, so you can drive with confidence, knowing they will withstand everyday wear and tear.
  4. Easy Installation: No more hassle with complicated installation processes! Our Michelin scooter tires are designed for hassle-free installation.
  5. Suitable for Adventure: Whether you're taking a leisurely ride around town or hitting the open road, our Michelin scooter tires are built to support your Piaggio Zip and Vespa Sprint on every journey, regardless of the destination.

In essence, if you're looking for the ultimate upgrade for your Piaggio Zip and Vespa Sprint, Michelin is the ideal choice. With our high-quality scooter tires, which bear the Michelin signature, prepare yourself for an unparalleled driving experience. Add Michelin's unmistakable quality and style to your Piaggio Zip and Vespa Sprint and make the best choice for your scooter today!

We also offer various A plus/custom rims for a Piaggio Zip 2000 and Vespa sprint/primavera. This is to make your scooter completely custom.